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Nanoil Keratin Hair Conditioner 125 ml

Nanoil Keratin Hair Conditioner is a gentle conditioner for very brittle, static and brittle hair with damaged ends. A two-phase balasa with keratin molecules to effectively repair and moisturize your hair.

The conditioner mainly contains 4 components that are essential for healthy hair. Liquid silk, plant proteins, panthenol and castor oil. The combination encloses the hair strands to provide protection, nourishment and strengthen your hair. With Nanoil's creatine-based conditioner, you get hair that does not fall out, does not become frizzy but smooth and fantastically strong and fine.


Wash your hair and towel dry it lightly. Pour the bottle one decimeter from the hair and spray the conditioner on the damp hair. You can also use the conditioner on dry hair during the day when your hair needs extra nourishment. Shake before use.

125 ml

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