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Nanoil Jojoba Oil 50 ml - For face, body and hair

Nanoil Jojoba Oil is a 100% organic, unrefined oil that has been extracted by cold pressing. This beauty oil has a structure that is similar to the sebum that protects our skin from moisture loss and is therefore completely unique in its kind with its complete absorption. It has natural sun protection, strengthens your hair and treats acne.

This natural oil nourishes the more sensitive areas of your skin, such as around the eyes and mouth, but also nourishes the scalp, strengthens and smoothes hair, prevents split ends and reduces hair loss. Nanoil Jojoba oil contains several different useful nutrients such as squalene and vitamins, is rich in essential fatty acids (EFA), rejuvenating vitamin E and antioxidant phytosterols.


As this oil is completely natural, you can basically use it everywhere such as on the body, hair, face and nails. Or why not some dips in the bathing water. 50 ml

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